Elite’s Cut a Moonstone’s H.A.M. — call name Indy

Indy is a direct daughter of NAFC Cody Cut a Lean Grade and 2xCNAFC FC Moonstone’s Hug and Moochie.  Indy is a yellow Labrador Retriever that has everything you are looking for in a good looking Labrador Retriever.  Indy loves to retrieve and is lightning quick.  She is very birdie and has a great nose.  She is the sweetest dog you would ever meet and loves to be with you.  Indy is intelligent and very trainable.




Indy’s pedigree:   INDY PREDIGREE LINK

Picture of Indy’s sire = National Amateur Field Champion “Grady”


Pictures of Indy’s dam = 2xCanadian National Amateur Field Champion: “Hammy”