Litter Expected Summer 2020

Sire:  Ridge is a direct son of FC AFC CAFC Chena River Chavez.  His grandsire is top producing Labrador Retriever of all time 2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac.  He has a pedigree loaded with your top Field Champion and National Champions.

Ridge is a good looking Black Labrador Retriever and is built to work and retrieve.  Ridge is an excellent marker, with a great training attitude.  He loves birds and has a huge desire to retrieve.  He is a great with upland game and has an amazing nose and will find your birds.  He works close and works the cover very hard.  He also excels in Waterfowl hunting, where he is steady as a rock in the blind, quiet, cool, and fun to be around.  He has a huge water entry and marks well to retrieve your ducks and geese.  Ridge is the nicest dog I have ever owned and has the on / off switch that makes him an all around great Labrador Retriever.   His pups are gorgeous and have natural desire to retrieve and are very birdie.


Dam:  Blitz is a direct daughter of National Amateur Field Champion,  Field Champion Texas Troubador.  She is a beautiful Black Labrador Retriever.  She is lightning quick and hunts extremely hard.  She excels as an antler dog and also upland game.  She is fun to train and loves to work and please you.  She loves water and retrieving everything.  Blitz loves the water and has a huge flying water entry.  She is very sweet and is a fun dog to be around.