All black litter expected = June 10, 2022 


Sire:  Elite’s Wizzard of Chavez “Ridge”

Ridge is a direct son of (FC AFC Chena River Chavez x FC Fen Wizzard daughter).  Ridge is one of the only living sons of FC AFC Chena River Chavez.  His bloodline brings back the finest lines of 2XNAFC 2xCNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac.  Ridge has a nice build and looks like his sire.  He is exactly what I look for in a good looking Black Labrador Retriever.  He has a beautiful head, strong chest and is built to hunt and compete.   He is an athlete!  Ridge is an athletic built dog and is 80 lbs of muscle.   He loves the water and has a powerful water entry.  He has a fun training attitude and likes to work and to please.  Ridge loves to hunt waterfowl, he is calm, quiet and steady in the blind and watches the sky.  He has one of best noses for upland game and excels hunting pheasants.  He quarters, stays close and breaks through the toughest cover.  He retrieves every bird that is flushed and has no quit.  Ridge is loyal and friendly to all, every dog and every person.  He is gentle, loving and kind and is my dog of a life time.


Kimber: Elite’s Smoke Ryder

Kimber is a grand daughter of FC AFC CFC CAFC Cuda’s Blue Ryder.  Ryder was one of the most famous titled chocolate field champions to ever compete.  Kimber’s pedigree is loaded with field champions and amateur field champions.  Her puppies are very birdie and have natural instinct and drive to retrieve.  Kimber is a good looking field bred labrador retriever weighing 62 lbs.  She is sweet family companion and loves to be with you.